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Breeding for health, temperament and color since 2007

Breeding for health, temperament and color since 2007

Breeding for health, temperament and color since 2007Breeding for health, temperament and color since 2007

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Fancy Corgi Owners

I am so nervous and excited for her to come, it's like my very own child! She will be a perfect fit into this family and I couldn't have asked for a better breeder than you to help with everything along the way! Seriously, thank you for everything and of course we will send you lots and lots of pictures :)

We can't believe how fortunate we are to have found a breeder that cares SO MUCH about their puppies and the way they are raised before going to new homes! Our vet said this puppy was 100% perfect and all puppies should be this way when delivered.

Hi Jackie,
Stuart and the girls made it home perfectly fine. The girls snoozed the whole way! They are doing great. We’re amazed at how well they’re adapting to “going” outside; only two accidents so far! They were a little unsure about their crate the first night but, even then, only complained for about 10 minutes then slept until the next morning. Last night, no complaints at all! We take them outside in the evenings for extended play time and they run around the yard like maniacs chasing each other and exploring. It is a hoot! 

wanted to give you a quick update on Addi. First of all - she is doing great! We can't believe how quickly she settled in. We took her to meet the vet a few days ago and everything was fine. She's already learned to wait by the steps when she wants to go outside. She's already picked up on a few basic commands like "sit," "come," and "let go." Last night we started a puppy class with her as well!

 Hello Jackie & Ben!

We want to thank you again for your kindness throughout this process. We feel very fortunate to have found such caring, devoted people as our breeder. Everything you told us about Addison is true! She is sweet, loving, absolutely adorable, beautiful, and she does like to talk to us. She slept the entire car ride home. She has been busy settling into her new home andlooks happy. We will send pictures and keep in touch! We hope your other  puppies made it to their new homes safely as well.

Tex is doing great. He is still a bundle of joy that loves to be held. He gets along great with all of the dogs he has been around and people just melt when they see him. He is a lady killer for certain. He loves to go to work with me and ride the heavy equipment. He does very well sitting in my lap and looking around. There have been a few times when it has been too loud or bumpy so I leave him at home. Overall he is a great puppy! I love him to death! Aron

He is such a smart dog we have started training and he does really well. Thanks for helping us to find the right dog he is perfect!
rick n shirlee

"He is an awesome dog and we love him tons! For being the runt of the litter, he sure is the King of this house! John & Deb


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